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On Monday, when the week before the holiday break was just beginning, a student said to me, “I wish it was Friday.”  I knew then that the week was going to be a long one.  I didn’t let on that I also wished it was Friday. There is no reason to tell a student that and besides, wishing wouldn’t make it true.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anxious to get away from my students. I will miss them when we are away for eleven days.  It is amazing how much their energy becomes my energy, their laughter makes me laugh, and their lives have become my life.

I arrive each school day before seven in the morning excited about the day to come. Reluctantly, I leave school each day long after my students have gone home. On Fridays, I am sorry the school week is over. Teaching is exhausting.

So I am looking forward to the upcoming holiday break. (It’s the Christmas break, but I’m not allowed to say so.) I know I need some time back home: Time to be with my son, time to sleep in, time to look at the Christmas tree Andrew and I decorated last weekend, time to make a second cup of coffee in the morning, and time to watch the sunrise on my farm.

These last few months I have often felt disconnected from my prior life while teaching in the Bronx.  I have been living in two worlds, trying to serve each as best as I can.  The best part of me has gone into my teaching, and I feel that family and home have been neglected these past four months.  It is time to catch up.

On Boxing Day, a dear friend from Alberta will be flying into Albany.  We haven’t seen each other in four months and our reunion will be special.  The last time we were together was in late summer, and I wrote about it in an earlier post called Liberty.  It will be good to have time with her.

More than anything, I simply want to be home.  I want to spend the coming holidays in the place I call upstate and re-energize myself for the next six months of the school year.  I think all of my students and colleagues feel the same.  We all need a break and being home is a cause for celebration.


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